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Marshall Style Cabinets
We offer reproduction and custom versions of the great Marshall Bluesbreaker cabinets.
Marshall style enclosures are constructed of birch plywood and feature period correct handles, piping, and grill cloth.

Solid pine versions of the open back cabinets as well as custom hardware for all Marshall style boxes is available upono request.

At the moment we mainly offer 2 options styles
Bluesbreaker Style
18 watt style 1x12 Combo or just Cabinet Eur 320.00
Or 2x12 Combo or just Cabinet Eur 365.00
Other colors available see Vinyl Colors tab to choose color code
(Combo or Cabinet share the same price essentially they are the same thing only difference is the Combo is meant to host an amplifier chassis)
Small Head  (JTM-45 style)
No Amp Included Eur 250 Depending on size and options
Other colors available, see Vinyl Colors tab to choose color code
MojoJTM Cabinet
All Marshall style cabinets, combo or head come with the appropriate handle, piping, gold mesh, & feet. Logos are not available since are Marshall copyright.
We are not affiliated with Marshall Amplification plc. All referenced names above are trademarks of Marshall Amplification plc.

Available now on ordering
Price now 650 Eur Usually 700 Eur
Marshal Class 5 Clone Racing Green G10 Greenback
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Marshall Style Combo Black
Marshal Class 5
Vintage British Racing Green Tolex
Semi Open back
Basked weave grill-cloth Marshall
Marshal Original Gold Handle
Combo Cabinet (Ready Made Cab Amp) fully handcrafted
G10 Greenback 16 Ohms 30 Watts
Payment option - PayPal
650.00 €(VAT incl.)
Marshall Style tube Amp
Madamp G3 Rock Tube Amp
Celestion G12 V Type 12"
Black/Red Skin Tolex
Amp Power Tubes 3 Watts
Marshall Style G3 rock Tube amp 3 w
Guitar Second Hands
Brand - Madamp Circuit (MojoJTM custom made)
Model - Custom made G3 Rock
Year - 2022 (Contruction year)
Serialno - MOJO2022JTM
Color - Black/Red skin Tolex
Grillcloth - Black Weave
Payment - PayPal - 3% fee
400.00 €(VAT incl.)
Contact Details
Mobile +31 (0) 624363467
Created by Dave Mojo
All rights reserved
Schoonenburgsingel 176
2135GE Hoofddorp
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